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7 Yoga Poses to help you get fitter!

Yoga with Annu

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By Annu Gaidhu

Not only is yoga a good therapy mind, body and soul but it also makes you look fit and fabulous! The benefit of indulging in poses is that they are great for strengthening and toning muscles because they require you to use your own body weight. If you want your practice to help you sculpt a great body, add these simple easy poses to your regular yoga routines.



Why it’s successful: Not only to twists help you detox and rinse everything out from your torso – but also this pose helps you relieve tight back muscles thus improving your posture. (Instantly making you look more amazing in clothes)

Increase the Challenge: Generally, people do this pose with one leg out and the other leg is bent. However to get the full pose, you want to bring your foot from the leg that it straight out, to meet your hip on the opposite side. This will help twist your torso a bit more, intensifying the stretch!



Why it’s successful: This amazing backbend tones your upper arms, thighs, bum and upper back.

Increase the challenge: To add more definition to your body, once in the pose, lift your heels away from the floor and press your tailbone toward the ceiling. Walk the feet a little closer to the hands. Then, from the height of the tailbone, press the heels into the floor again. This will increase the depth of the backbend



Why it’s successful: This pose not only strengthens your core, but it works your whole entire body meaning you’ll look amazing all over!

Increase the Challenge: Start to strengthen the arms, core and spine out by activating your core and starting to raise your hips up a little higher towards the ceiling. If that’s not enough, now see if you can add some balance by flexing whichever foot is stacked on top and raising that leg up towards to ceiling. Do this a few times to get your body going!



Why it’s successful: this is a yoga staple! Helps to strengthen everything including your upper body, back, calves and the backs of your thighs. The key is to push your tailbone up towards the ceiling as high as you can! Lets start strengthening that core.

Increase the Challenge: To add more definition to your core, instead of staying on your palms start to clasp your hands in front and increase the stretch by coming on your forearms. If you really want a challenge, start to engage your core and slowly push your chest forward into a forearm plank. Do this a few times!



Why it’s successful: The bow pose stretches out your entire front body, thighs and strengthens your back muscles

Increase the challenge: After a few breaths, rock forwards and backwards (like a rocking cradle). This way your organs in your abdomen get stimulated allowing your body to digest foods faster!



Why it’s successful: The locust pose directly targets your complete backside – booty and all.

Increase the challenge: After a few breaths, bring your legs together and extend your arms straight forward (like the Superman pose) for another few breaths. The backs of your thighs, legs and back will all be on fire!



Why it’s successful: This will become your favorite pose, as your abs is the key foundation for holding your boat up. Not only does this pose help strengthen your whole entire body including your thighs, arms and shoulders but also lets you really feel the strength in your core!

Increase the challenge: After a few breaths, as you inhale the goal here is to eventually extend both legs out so they are straight. Takes a lot of core strength but listen to your body and to what works for your. Hold here for a few breaths, smile and be playful! Start to extend the arms out towards the right side of your body and hold for a few breaths, then reverse to intensify the feeling.

Happy Learning!


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