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Belleza Moda Magazine

Belleza Moda Magazine is a Canadian publication that details trends in luxury lifestyle from across the globe. The goal of this magazine is to inform the reader of what constitutes luxury in different cultures. From articles based on fashion, health and fitness, electronics, automobiles and architecture, Belleza Moda will stop at nothing to expose the most important differences in luxury from around the world, while understanding the underlying similarities experienced globally.

Belleza Moda Magazine is the premier publication produced by Yellow Hill Media. With a prosperous radio station and several years in the media industry, Belleza Moda represents the core values of cultural understanding that Yellow Hill Media prides itself on. Unlike other magazines that focus on just one aspect of the international luxury lifestyle (whether fashion or travel), Belleza Moda will bring its readers a full understanding of what defines luxury across the globe.

Being a brand located in Toronto, ON, Canada, Belleza Moda Magazine brings an ideology best defined as a ‘Cultural Mosaic’. This philosophy of life is one of the pillars of Canadian society, and as a result, a core value that governs our publication. With a willingness to capture the diversity of styles, Belleza Moda will begin with the cultural diversity present in our own city. Belleza Moda will pay offer our domestic readers a focus on Toronto local stores and restaurants that support organic food, environmentally friendly companies and designers that bring an international flare to their craft. Our readers will also have exposure to new products from large brands such as l’Oreal, Vichy, and Sephora.

What Makes Belleza Moda Unique?
There are many magazines that offer reviews of travel destinations, trends in the international fashion industry and
comparisons of consumer goods. Belleza Moda approaches these similar topics with a keen understanding of how each differ on a global stage. Our mission is to give our readers the opportunity to learn about how the factors that influence the human experience change regionally depending on varying definitions of luxury.
Belleza Moda is composed of articles intended for an audience interested in international trends, rather than the elements of luxury commonly discussed in domestically focused magazines. Due to the global nature of our subject matter, Belleza Moda will cater to the large international population that has immigrated to Canada. We do not intend to speak to a specific culture, but rather offer a range of pieces connecting our readers to locations and trends that are important in the global community.
Belleza Moda will publish one comprehensive issue every two months based on a specific topic such as Fashion, automobiles, architecture, Health and fitness and electronics. These articles will focus on showing the emerging trends within these industries on a global scale. We have a team of writers dedicated to finding the most interesting and revolutionary projects on the planet to bring to our readers. We seek to give our readers a unique insight into the latest developments around the globe.
Belleza Moda: Our place in the Market
Belleza Moda is written for those who are interested in following global trends in fashion and travel. As a result, our demographic extends beyond the ‘domestic’ market. Where a majority of our competition focuses on a North American definition of luxury, our goal is to show how each culture contributes to the global style and design norms. This is a great position to be in within the lifestyle magazine market. This positioning gives us a wider international audience and we are able to capitalize on the multicultural Canadian Population.Demographic research using Statistics Canada indicates that the population of ‘visible minorities’, mostly from Chinese and South Asian background has increased and will continue to do so throughout 2017.


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