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Benoit Jammes – Artist, Designer, Photographer


PA sushi loving and wet socks hating artist named Benoit Jammes is a 34 years old graphic designer currently living in Paris. Despite not having an art-school background, Benoit did not become restricted with his creative endeavors.

He had been attracted towards all kind of creativity since a very early age. One of his favourite project was the cassette tape project, which can be viewed on his website (


Pattate by Benoit Jammes


Orange by Benoit Jammes













When asked what kind of project he would do with limitless amount of time and money, Benoit replied by saying, “Whoa! My mind would really boil at first,” but he decided that he would just make some sort of a huge wood artworks.

“I think art gives us freedom and allows us to not become some crazy robots with no soul. It’s so great to make stuff with hands for the eyes.”



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