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Casa Mosquito – Boutique hotel

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casa mosquito 2Casa Mosquito may sound like an unusual name for a boutique hotel, but don’t let it mislead you. Casa Mosquito is a secret jardin, a refuge built upon the dreams of owners Benjamin Cano Planes and Louis Planes. Located on Saint-Roman street, squeezed between Copacabana and Ipanema, it was the perfect location with a discreetly elegant mosquito 3

After a long search, Benjamin and Louis finally landed in Rio de Janeiro and knew within a week that this would be their new home. They bought and restored house number 222, amidst huge houses and gardens. It was the perfect place and setting to accommodate all the furniture found in different parts of the world, photographs and memories.

casa mosquito 4Casa Mosquito is anchored on a hill, the property comprises of a large living room filled with books and with an outdoor garden that has a beautiful carp pond where breakfast is served. The boutique hotel features nine suites with balconies and distinct décor pieces found in Paris, Rio and Sao Paulo. Each room has been named in homage to Rio icons such as Carmen Miranda, Pixinguinha, Madame Satan, and so on.

casa mosquito 5The hotel offers discretion, charm, bossa, elegance, style and 360 degree panoramic view swimming pool from where one can admire all Rio postcards. Turning to passion for design and culture, the hotel offers a rich field for observation and delight. Wherever the eyes look, here’s always something to catch their attention.

casa mosquito 6Having started as a happy coincidence, Casa Mosquito is the result of a beautiful love story between Louis, Benjamin and Rio de Janeiro.


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