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Chef Jennifer McLagan

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Born in Australia, Chef Jennifer McLagan did not take much interest in the culinary industry till the end of her secondary schooling after she started reading Jane Grigson and Elizabeth David. Jennifer earned her reputation by writing books on food and is the author of the book Fat: An appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient. She dropped out of Monash University where she studied politics and economics to pursue her passion and began her career in the culinary industry.

She started out as a chef in the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne and never once looked back. Jennifer currently lives in Toronto and splits most of her time between Toronto and Paris and often visits her home town Melbourne. She attributes her success to her colleagues for their active support and their generosity with culinary knowledge.

She supports the use of locally grown ingredients as a means to support the local farmers and to keep the food fresh and healthy. Jennifer has a weakness for white asparagus and truffles. She also loves game, blood sausages and mushrooms, which are some of her favourite ingredients to work with.

She believes that the will to share happiness and knowledge is a quality every great chef is required to have. That and a never ending enthusiasm to create good food.


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