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Christien Tinsley – Make-Up Artist

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Christien Tinsley is a well known name in the movie industry. Some of his famous projects include Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ,’ and R. Balakrishnan’s ‘Paa.’ The make-up artist also has several prestigious awards to his name like the Academy Award for Technical achievement and National Film Award for best make-up for his work in the movie ‘Paa.’

Christien from Washington, D.C. is a self-taught artist who was inspired into joining this industry after watching ‘Star Wars: A New Hope.’ The three time nominee for Emmy Awards for his work in ‘American Horror Story’ was recognized for his transfer techniques creating and applying 2D and 3D make-up. The artist relies on his instinctual knowledge which gives him an edge within this industry. “I think my success has come from allowing myself to be OK with not being perfect as it gives my work a more organic feel,” the talented artist was reported saying in an interview.

After working on the set of Pearl Harbor, Christien Tinsley founded “Tinsley Transfers”, which he uses to support his more creative projects. The company does everything from producing Halloween products to creating custom prosthetics and tattoos for films.

All photo credits go to Tinsley Studios.



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