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David Carson – Graphic Designer

Garaphic designer David Carson

David Carson has been immersed in the world of graphic design for the past 20 years, from print, to TV, to films and websites. He has worked for Armani, Quicksilver, Nine Nails and British Airways, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. In 2014 apple computers named him to their list of top 30 most influential users of apple, calling him a pioneer with profound impact. Also, American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) awarded him the design professions highest ward, the Gold Medal.

It’s been a rewarding year for him but he believes that on a day to day basis, he is just like any other designer; working hard, trying to make deadlines, budgets, and grow creativity.

  • Garaphic designer David Carson
  • Garaphic designer David Carson

When Carson was 26 years he heard the term graphic design. He attended a two week workshop and knew that’s what he wanted to do. He is passionate about what he does. “If you work long and hard at something you love, it will eventually pay off,” he says.

Carson started with a skateboard magazine, then tw snowboarding, then Musician magazine, Self, Beach Culture, Surfer, and Ray Gun magazine. Carson’s degree in sociology drew him towards working in editorial, specifically magazines. That permitted him to read real stories, about real people and events, and interpret them graphically always feeling his design should emotionally represent and reinforce the message in the writing.

Carson does not have a formal training in graphic designing. “I try to work intuitively, and to provoke emotion in the viewer that is consistent with the content. So while I don’t see the need to follow many traditional rules of graphic design, such as following grids, and many other school taught rules,” says Carson. “I do have my own rules, such as, Who is the audience? What visual language are they used to seeing and reacting to? What is it we are trying to communicate? How can the design help that communication? When concept and design and writing are all strong you have the most effective communication.

Carson likes all things digital, He is now willing to divulge into films and commercials, but his first love will always be print. He says that he can work anywhere, and although he has beautiful surroundings now in southern California, and the Caribbean, he currently works at a small storage shed ! Years ago he had his studio in downtown NYC for almost 8 years.

For people starting into graphic designing, he advises to pick the area they are most passionate about, and pursue it with all their heart.

Carson loves what he does. He names a few projects he has worked on so far to be the standouts, such as, beach culture magazine, packaging and commercial of Nine Inch Nails, his work with Georgio Armani and Quicksilver. Although he hopes and believes that his best project is yet to come.

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