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Indra Tower

Indra Tower

Indra Tower by the Wadhwa Group

Project Completion Time: Under Design Stage
Project Location: Mumbai, India
Area (sq): Approx. 34000 m

  • Indra Tower
  • Indra Tower

Water is a precious yet so common element on Earth, which is critically essential for the survival of all forms of life. Its own intrinsic character allows it to create different form of beauty in the nature. The concept of this building for The Indra Tower is emerged from capturing the fluid state from which a single drop of water is freely dropping into water. The form of Indra Tower is smooth and in a streamline form as the droplet is in balance between gravity and dynamics before reaching into the water. The form of the building is composed with different depth of the balconies on each floor.

Providing infinity sea view from each unit, Indra Tower will be designed in corresponding to the orientation of the view of the surroundings. The city view can also be seen at the back. This will actually allow the residents to enjoy both the city and sea view within their own unit. Located on the roof of the building is the Sky club house where residents can sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Sky club house is located on the roof of the building which provided an infinity view for the residents by making use of its outstanding height of the building. Airways is evidently a major consideration of this project as there are more than enough cross ventilation that will provided to each units to make sure each units are having enough fresh air.

The major structural design of the Indra Tower is a combination of different structural system. The tower can be divided into four parts and each of them is separated by a transfer plate respectively.
It has all the potential to become a world-class residential building in India.


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