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Le Gramme – French Jewellery

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Le Gramme is a brand founded by Adrien Messie and his partner Erwan Le Louer in the year 2012. Adrien Messie recognized the absence of a decent jewellery brand for men and set out to fill this gap. That is how the brand Le Gramme was born.

Although Le Gramme started out as a male brand, the elegant designs and expert craftsmanship, its pieces have gained popularity across genders. The bracelets and rings produced by Le Gramme are deceptively utilitarian and simple at first glance. On inspecting them closely, however, one can find minute details with a scientific precision. This is one of their product’s traits which lends itself to the name, taken from a unit of measurement.

Le Gramme has a very specific way of naming its products. Each bracelet is named after its density and all the pertinent information is laser-engraved onto the bracelet. This way, the clients know exactly what they are buying, whether they choose to buy a 41g bracelet or a subtle 7g one. Le Gramme is very careful while choosing the material used to craft their products. The metals are chosen just as thoughtfully as the name. Each bracelet is made by hand in the middle of France using only recycled sterling silver and red gold. Using recycled metal also makes the brand more ethical than many of its counterparts as it deals in politically tumultuous countries.

The products are showcased in-store using responsibly sourced wood and marble.
Photo credits : Legramme.

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