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Chef Mike Ward

mike ward

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Never had Mike imagined that he would one day end up preparing food for clients like Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts when he first started cooking at age 17. He is also one of the rare successful people to make names in not just one but two fields. Mike has made a name for himself with a successful culinary career and also a successful media career.

During his career, he has directed several successful award-winning cooking/travel/ lifestyle television series that have been viewed in over 40 countries. His acute understanding of food, coupled with his attractive accent and a good social media presence has made him an attractive prospect for many brands. He has partnered with several companies as a brand ambassador, spokesperson, influencer and content creator.

Mike also seems to have a way with the ladies, evidenced by the fact that his YouTube channel with is the worlds number one female-skewed YouTube network. His personal passion remains unchanged as his insatiable appetite for food and adventure drives him to explore and create.



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