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An app or an application is a self-contained program or a piece of software designed to fulfil a specific purpose. The last decade has seen a sharp increase in the use of these apps by users of all ages. There are thousands of free and paid apps available on Google play store and apple store. We at Belleza Moda, have made a list of apps which can save our readers both time and in some instances money. These mobile apps are widely used today by millions of users.

1. Cinemagraph PRO – is a free to use photo and video app which enjoys the same capture and editing tools used by competitors in America’s next top model. It has a fast and easy interface with a feature that allows you to freely share your work with the rest of the world.
– Available for apple users only.
– Rating : 4/5

2. Hyperlapse – is an app used to create time lapse videos, which was previously impossible without a tripod. With this app, you can capture an entire road trip in 10 seconds. Hyperlapse uses instagram’s in-house stabilisation.
– Available for apple and android users.
– Rating : 4/5

3. Whats app (Instant messaging) – helps you stay connected with friends and family over long distances. Whats app requires an internet connection to send free messages to friends and family members who also have the app installed in their mobile device. This is a very easy, efficient and fast way to contact people over long distance and consequently helps its users save a lot of money.
– Available for iPhone, Blackberry, windows phone, Android and Nokia.
– Rating : 4.5/5

4. Hootsuite – is an application which you can use to update and sync all your social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It makes the users life convenient and offers features like analytic which can be used by an individual to increase their or their organisations visibility over the social media.
– Available on android, and iPhone.
-Rating 3.5/5

5. Kindle – Kindle is a very popular application amongst those who love reading books. This app allows you to download any book available from a long list online onto your mobile device for you to read.
– Available on android and iphone.
– Rating 4/5

6. Timmyme – Is an application developed by Tim-Hortons which can be used by its customers to check out the deals available in store or make a payment among other uses. Other similar apps include starbucks app which serves a similar function for its customers.
– Available on Blackberry, Android and iPhone.
– Rating 3.75/5

7. Cineplex – This app helps the users to navigate through the available films at the theatre, check out the shows, reviews, and book their shows. A wide range of features and benefits have been associated with using this app which makes it one of our favourite apps here at Belleza Moda Magazine.
– Available on Blackberry, Android and iPhone.
– Rating 4.5/5


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