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MOWE – Producer duo, singer, Dj


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New to the industry, MOWE is a musical duo comprised of Mel, who is a tattooed cheeky rebel and Clemens, a charming young heart breaker. They had both been involved with several bands in their early days. However, the formation of MOWE was more of a war on boredom. MOWE began on a bad winter day on January 10 2013 in Vienna.

Their first song Blauer Tag quickly gained popularity on YouTube and MOWE was born. Since then, MOW has had worthy causes for celebration. Within the year, the duo had produced one successful hit after another along with several other remixes. Their songs are catchy and have a way of touching their listeners by getting underneath their skin with their lyrics and vocals. What sets the duo apart is the fact that they have free sourced most of their music on sound cloud. This shows their love for their fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Oliver Koletzi signed them under his label Stil vor Talent, under which they launched their second EP ‘inside.’ They describe their songs as something which brings good vibes and loads of melodies to the audience. They are mainly driven by their passion for making good music. Their fans are what keep them going and the fact that to them, music is life.


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