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Nakash Aziz – Singer, Artist

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Nakash Aziz is a playback singer. Nakash has had a passion for singing for as long as he can remember and has been practicing his art from a very young age. A supportive and encouraging family helped bring out the best in this budding artist.

Nakash still remembers his first performance, and incidentally his first meltdown right before the performance at the age of three. His favourite song is Macchar Khan from A.R.Rahman’s album ‘Connections.’ Nakash believes that his work is still evolving and would like to explore the various avenues of music and even try to find new ways of creating music.

Nakash considers himself extremely lucky since he was always surrounded by talented and intelligent people to make sure his head was in the right place. A.R.Rahman is his favourite musician of all time, like most people of his generation. His experience working with Arijit was particularly delightful, as the young singer considers Arijit his friend and one of the best singers to pair up with as they go ‘all out, no rules, only fun’ while working together.

Nakash particularly enjoys mellow, ambient music. The young artist believes he still has much to learn and puts in a lot of effort and time to practice his art. To Nakash, music is life and he would love nothing more than to be an ambassador for music. His message to his fans is to “never stop dreaming and always try to do the last thing.”

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