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Nasir Anis – Singer

nasir anis

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Nasir Anis is a Toronto based Canadian singer and artist. Born in Pakistan and raised in Canada, Nasir has always had a clear vision to be the first international artist to attract, inspire and entertain the English speaking population and South Asians through inspirational messages embedded in his music.

Making music is Nasir’s true passion. It is a deeply spiritual and peaceful experience for him. This is often reflected in his music. Nasir’s mantra for success is humility and a connection between your soul and the heart through which the music flows. Nasir has had a long journey over the years and has overcome a lot of hardships in the process. Nasir loves and supports technology but does not believe in the overuse of gadgets in his musical compositions.

Every song Nasir creates is inspired by the master of his fate, from William Earnest to Waris Shah. ‘My Fate’ by William and ‘Bara Ishq’ by Waris are some of his favourite compositions. Besides composing music, Nasir loves playing tennis, watching movies, eating popcorn and inspiring people to achieve their full potential and reach their dreams.

Guns and Roses, U2 and Metallica are his favourite western music labels whereas Nusrat Fateh, Abida Pervenn, Junoon, and Slash are his favourite eastern labels.


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