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POPOF – Producer


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POPOF is a Parisian producer. He has spent over 20 productive years in this industry. He derived his nick name from his French and Bulgarian descent. POPOF’s first commercial track was released in the year 1998. It was a fast, mental and hypnotic techno music. It was heavily influenced by the then popular British sound system Spiral Tribe.

His is a combination of various styles as he does not like to restrict himself to anything in particular. The underlying similarity in all his songs however, is that they are all dance-floor friendly. There isn’t any one thing in particular which drives him to produce music. His music is inspired and influenced by his daily experiences which make it rich and humble. POPOF enjoys DJing as mixing records helps him to understand and discover other artist’s music, their own way of composing and their ideas and efficiency on the dance floor.

POPOF is one of the rare performers who does not prepare before the show. To him, this profession is a great way to share his passion with the world. Also, he enjoys meeting incredible people throughout the world, discover new countries, their cultures and their music. His favorite place to play is Buenos Aires in Argentina. To POPOF music is art and art in turn is an expression of the soul.


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