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Rolls Royce – The ‘Dawn’ of luxury


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On the 8th of September 2015, British car manufacturer Rolls-Royce unveiled ‘dawn’, the upcoming luxury model by Rolls Royce. This four seater convertible will mark the ‘dawn’ of a new age in luxury cars. The model was recently displayed at the Frankfurt Motor show and has quickly become one of the stars of the show.

Let’s take a closer look at what this car has to offer in terms of luxury. Design director Giles Taylor briefly explains in this video, the various new features which will set this design apart from the rest.

The Rolls Royce dawn, set to be released in the year 2016 is a new step for Rolls Royce, and like the original 28 Dawn convertibles of the fifties, it will be exclusive when it finally comes out.

Rolls Royce Dawn has been outfitted with a Ghost-sourced 6.6-litre turbo V12 engine, which will make it the quietest cloth-roof car on sale in 2016. This boulevard cruiser will cost €250,000 or so. Dawn is not just about style, a lot of engineering effort has gone in to make sure that it is highly refined and delivers excellence.


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