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Surbhi Shekhar – Designer

Label - Surbhi Shekhar

Designer Surbhi Shekhar, alumnus of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), Bangalore has developed her own label called SURBHI*SHEKHAR. Her base location is New Delhi, while she hails from the holy city of Varanasi.

In design, she loves to incorporate her love of culture, music, art and vintage fashion into each collection to give something fresh and edgy every season.

Surbhi believes that style is an attitude; it makes everything that you wear your own, without even trying. Everyone should have one and it should keep evolving.

Her new season is inspired by Fever Ray, the lead vocalist of The Knife. It’s a spellbinding mix that evokes ritualistic visions of witchcraft. The collection reveals wild worlds where myth and memory meet. A dark theme is made sophisticated with use of beautiful fabric, hand stitch & embroidery and special attention to details. The use of lace brings elegance to the bold cuts. Small details even on insides of garment, brings mood and mystery to the aesthetic.

  • Label - Surbhi Shekhar

“This season we roam this beautiful and imaginary realm, with spiritually infused designs. Darkness and desire sit at the heart of this beautiful tale,” says Surbhi.

This dreamy story gathers: A midnight navy descends and black, warm tones of chilli and golden clementine, washing tones of murky mink; and lead and foggy whites offer a moon beam of light against this nightly, spine-tingling palette.

“Design is my passion, I even dream about garments,” she laughs. Surbhi had decided of becoming a fashion designer when she was in sixth grade. It had always been her dream and now she is glad, it is her profession.

She was thrilled and honoured to be showcasing her designs at LFW as a Gen Next designer recently.

Surbhi had been designing clothes for international market when she was working with her previous employer and she feels the American market is quite exciting. She is setting her sights of visiting North America to promote and sell her clothes.

For people venturing in design, she advises, “you have to have the right attitude and should be ready to live, eat and breathe fashion.”


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