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Team Belleza Moda is passionately dedicated to journalism, graphic design and photography. The team members at Belleza Moda are bound by more than a sense of responsibility to their work. They enjoy activities like travelling and cooking. In fact, this is what brought them to the lifestyle journalism industry in the first place.

The Belleza Moda team strives to keep its followers up to date on upcoming trends in the fashion, tourism and culinary industries. Our talented team members are adept at creating captivating artwork and graphic design to promote our client’s brands.

Our prominent team members, who laid the ground work for our current success are mentioned below.

Ripu Daman Dhillon:

Born and raised in India, RD came to Canada in October 2003. A busy man, he sleeps only four hours a day and never misses an episode of the popular Indian sitcom, Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma.

Why Belleza Moda Magazine:  One of RD’s long standing visions for ICC was to diversify the company. After looking at several options, he set out to create a luxury magazine which explored upcoming global trends in fashion, food and tourism.

Manu Datta:

MD was born and brought up in India. He moved to Canada over 11 years ago and became a part of ICC in the year 2007. After working closely with immigration consultations, he turned his interest toward the fashion, culinary and tourism industries. MD’s favourite way to relax is watching movies. Furious 7s is his current favourite movie which is explained by his long standing interest in cars and automobiles.

Why Belleza Moda Magazine: MD was looking for an outlet to create a global community based on trends in Fashion and lifestyles from around the world. Together, the passion of RD and MD came together and coalescence into what we know today as the Belleza Moda Magazine.

Kritika Arora:

Born in India and raised in U.K, Kritika has been in Canada for the past five years. She has a background in graphic design and journalism. Her hobbies include being with her pets, driving, new gadget shopping, and movie marathons.
She joined the Belleza Moda team when the parent company ICC was first entering the entertainment industry. It gave her a direction in print, digital, and application platform and that later built them on social networking.

Philip Glowacki:

Philip is the office prankster. He is fluent in Polish language, enjoys eating, bar hopping, and hitting the gym. He is currently studying for his bachelor’s degree in public relations at Humber College, and believes that communication is the most important thing in any relationship. Philip loves white shoes, the movie Trainwreck and fashion brand Zara.
He chose to work at Belleza Moda magazine because it’s a unique opportunity to advance his skills in personal relations.

Freya Chiu: Canadian born with Taiwanese background, Freya loves blogging, white converse shoes, and Netflixing. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, and excels in writing daily blogs for the Magazine. Freya also specializes in social media marketing methods to gain active followers and has an undying love for cherries and doing impressions. Don’t get too used to Freya’s look since she loves to change her hair colour on a regular basis.
Freya is working with the Belleza Moda team to acquire experience in the personal relations field and the entertainment industry.


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