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Economic Zones World/TechnoPark, Jabel Ali, Dubai, UAE

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Technosphere by Economic Zones World/TechnoPark

Project Completion Time: Under Design Stage
Project Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE
Area (sq): Approx. 800000 m

  • Technosphere
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  • Economic Zones World/TechnoPark, Jabel Ali, Dubai, UAE

The Technosphere building is a mixed development building in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai. The concept of this iconic building derives itself from its sheer size and volume, which in turn requires a whole new level of eco-system and design and is derived from the very nature of Planet Earth. With the future in mind, and how we shall live in it, the Technosphere is designed on the principles of ‘Planetary Cybertecture’, which is a fully empowered self-sustaining eco-system within one building.

The Technosphere has four major components: a convention and exhibition center, offices, an auditorium and a deluxe hotel centered around a naturally ventilated 100m high atrium where the auditorium ‘egg’ sits. All these dictate the space layout and configuration of spaces as well as harness the diverse range of designs to enable the building to act as a planet.

Considerate to the climate and context, solar shading, sky gardens, solar farms, water recycling through wetland cell systems will be made. These will not only provide much needed shelter from the heat and sun, but also cool the building with natural ventilation drawn from the waterfalls and water bodies of the sky garden.

The upcoming largest spherical building in the world will be an addition to the Techno Park and another icon for Dubai as a construction hub.


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