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The Capital

The Capital

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The Capital by The Wadhwa Group

Project Completion Time: Completed in 2013
Project Location: BKC, Mumbai, India
Area (sq): Approx. ~70000 m

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  • Wadhwa Group, BKC, Mumbai, India
  • The Capital

Recently completed and recognized internationally as India’s most advanced commercial building, “The Capital” is the first 21st Century advanced commercial building in India. Designed by James Law Cybertecture, this structure innovates through its design by incorporating iconic architecture, technology, sustainability systems blended into a form of Cybertecture empowering commercial companies to work harmoniously with nature.

Use of Technology

At the heart of “The Capital” is the use of technology both in the design process and the final building.

During the design process, the latest software of computer aided design including virtual animations, 3D printing and Building Information Modeling (BIM) was utilized to construct in the virtual world a detailed simulation of the whole building with all elements of construction in order to resolve clashes and refine the design of key components of architecture including the facade, structure, MEP systems and environmental engineering.

The building is managed with smart management systems that control sun shading, water usage, elevators, security and electricity to maximize on the efficient use of resources.

The building also features the world’s largest commercial building automated car-parking basement where essentially over 1500 cars are parked mechanically.

The Capital is a synthesis of technology and architecture.

Impact in Asia

The Capital is not a typical Western commercial building architecture transplanted to Asia. The Capital inherently attempts to be a new generation of Asian sensitive modern office building, by integrating spaces that caters to the need for modern commercial office space with Asian sympathetic green elements such as green balconies, water recycling landscaping, green roof. The Capital deals with the Asian need for modern office building at the heart of a metropolis like Mumbai.

Commercial and Societal Success

The Capital is built on the most expensive plot of commercial land in India. It is rated as the most advanced and sort after commercial building in the country winning CNBC Best Commercial Building Award in 2013. The Capital has also become a Mecca for people in the city to come to see this landmark building as an optimistic sign for their city’s growth and for Indians to be proud that their country has now a piece of world leading modern architecture.

The Capital is laying down the standards upon which future Indian modern architecture for commercial buildings will be judged, both in the attainment of contemporary architectural design, but also in the balanced vision for society to follow, when building commercial buildings that are sensitive to global green sustainability issues in balance with creating iconic structures that are symbolic marvels of economic growth.


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