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Tritonal – Producer / Dj


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Tritonal is an American music duo consisting of producer/DJ’s Chad Cisneros and David Reed from Austin, Texas, United States. They started creating music together around eight years ago. The duo met online on a sound design forum. Dave had been working on beats while he was a young 11 year old.

To people who are unfamiliar with Tritonal’s music, it is mainly energetic, sexy, emotional music filled with meaningful lyrics and uplifting melodies. They are both driven by their love for music. Creating songs and playing them for thousands of eager and loving fans is what makes the profession fun for them. As Dave likes to put it ‘writing music is the win for us, its why we got into this. We are producers and song writers at heart.’

Both Chad and David enjoy playing in Austin, Houston and Dallas. For this duo, music is everything, their life, their passion and they feel blessed to be able to do it full time.


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