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Yasir Nasir – Photographer

Photograph: Yasir Nasir

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Yasir started like many others who had interest in photography since childhood, taking photographs at college trips. But it was in 2005, after he completed his education, he started taking photography seriously and since then he has never looked back.

“Photography is a passion but it also acts as a catharsis for me. Whenever I am down, photography acts as a source of bringing new ideas and bringing a new life to me,” says Yasir.

Yasir’s interest had always been taking photographs of nature, culture, landscapes and sports and he didn’t have to struggle to find places to shoot as Pakistan was full of such wonderful places.

  • Yasir Nasir

He loves photographing the landscapes of Pakistan, the two places which are close to his heart are, Neelum Valley in Kashmir and the other is Deosai Plains up in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Yasir likes documenting the old heritage and landscapes. His dream place is to shoot the Grand Canyons in US and Sossusvlei, and the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia.

Nature in its purest form without any disturbance drives him into photography. “Whenever I undertake any trip to photograph nature, my mind starts working towards what I need to shoot, my eyes start searching for compositions. And once you are there, it becomes just very easy to photograph what I am looking for. Photographs just start coming to me naturally,” says Yasir.

His inspiration is always drawn from senior photographers.He believes, photographers like Art Wolfe, Chris Mclennan and Lucie Debelkova are the masters in their own craft and their images help him opening up his vision to take photographs in his own areas.

  • Photograph: Yasir Nasir
  • Photograph: Yasir Nasir
  • Photograph: Yasir Nasir

For Yasir, fashion photography is an artistic statement that photographers have to convey utilizing the model, designer and make-up artist and finalizing the craft. Landscape photography is different, the scene is there, elements are there, you can’t change anything, and you have to wait for perfect light for highlighting these elements in their truest form with your photography.

The best season to shoot, for Yasir, is autumn, that’s the time when the light is dramatic and nature is at its best. The colors, hues and everything complement each other.

“The best moment is eventually when you get the shoot you are anticipating for. A good image has a certain high that you can never get in any other thing,” says Yasir.

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